Explaining the Local Player Regulation for 2018/2019

From the upcoming season (2018/2019) on, some significant rule changes have been put in place in the Regional League, limiting the number of foreign players allowed to play in each team. Those rules and regulations will be stated in this article:

- In all First Regional League Games this season, each team must have at least 3 local players on the roster for that game.

- In all First Regional League Games, each team must have at least 2 local players on the court at all times. If there are no more local players available (due to fouling uut or disqualification), then the game will continue with 4 or fewer players. Also, a technical foul will be assessed to the team without a legitimate number of local players.

- “Local Players” are players who have played no less than 3 years here in Germany on any youth teams from Under-14 to Under-19.

On January 25th, the German Basketball Federation discussed making an Under-23 Local Player rule. After several discussions the majority voted to keep the existing rule. After extensive consultation and discussion, the DBB (German Basketball Association) reached an agreement to make minimal change to the player rules, beginning this upcoming season.

In detail: The suggested age limit (Under-23) of the local player should be deleted without replacement. Further changes the sports commission considers unnecessary. At this last meeting, the Bureau dealt with this issue and endorsed the recommendation of the DBB Sports Commission.

The deadline for the decision of the rule change was on March 13th, 2018 in order to give all of the First Regional League teams sufficient time to plan for next season. The 2018/2019 Regional 1 League will begin at the end of September.